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    Protectorate Faction

    Protectorate Lore

    The Protectorate was established by the core worlds to help protect the people from law breakers and Pirates. The Protectorates mandate is to answer any distress call if they are in range and assist to the best of their abilities. While on patrol they are authorized to use any force necessary to protect anyone that is under attack, this often leads to skirmishes with pirates and law breakers alike. While actively looking for pirate den's the protectorate is not required to search for outlaw colonies as they tend to keep to themselves unless they travel to the core worlds for business but even then they are given fair treatment until they break the law. If the protectorate happen to come across outlaws they are advised to be wary of them since not all outlaws are peaceful. The protectorate has also been known to drop care packages to new space engineers in the Ganymede Universe.

    Protectorate Guiding Principles

    1. Protect the people.
    2. Provide rescue in case of emergency.
    3. All traders welcome trade with you.
    4. Not able to initiate pvp action unless engaged, protecting other factions or formal war is declared via discord.
    5. If outlaw or pirate factions attack any protectorate ship or outpost war is permitted with the faction.