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    Outlaw Lore

    Outlaws, who or what exactly are they? Are they pirates, upstanding citizens, or something else entirely? Very few know the answer to this question so let me enlighten you. An outlaw is someone who chases their dreams into the stars and beyond. They can be the most caring person in the world or your worst enemy depending on how you treat them, they are people who could not live under the stifling rules of normal civilization so they set out and settle in places where the protectorate has no authority. They can be as fierce as pirates however they don't take lives aimlessly. Still confused? Most are, in short Outlaws are people who value their freedom more than anything...and are willing to die fighting for it.

    Trust them at your own risk spacer.

    Outlaw Guiding Principles

    1. Outlaws do not engage in PVP unless they have a proper reason.
    2. When making deals / trading with Outlaws they are permitted to Open PVP with you. This is a risk you take with dealing with Outlaws.
    3. This group is allowed to take any type of job including assassination.
    4. Contracts must be issued ether in game through the economy terminals or over the discord as proof of acceptance and completion.