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    - Space Engineers

    How to travel via Wormholes

    1. Approach the wormhole so that the grid you are piloting is within 50-75m of the center/GPS Marker.

    2. Go to Control Panel and select your wormhole drive.
    3. Ensure that your Wormhole drive is toggled ON.

    4. Ensure that your Wormhole Drive is Charged

    5. Wormhole-jump.jpg
      Once your Wormhole Stabilizer is ON and fully charged, select the jump gate you want to go to. Make sure it shows up in the "Wormhole Selected" field.

    6. If you followed the instructions correctly you will be disconnected from the server and reconnected to the new server. If you have not been to that server before you will most likely need to respawn from the medical bay or survival kit on your grid that was just transferred.

    Conditions to jump:

    1 - You must be piloting the grid

    2 - You must be the main owner of the grid (be able to change the grid name)

    3 - You must own the Worm Hole Drive being used

    4 - Your Worm Hole Drive must be fully charged

    5 - You have a survival kit or medical bay on your grid

    Important Notes:

    If the pilot doesn't have a history on the sever being connected to, the grid will wait in limbo state until they log in.