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    Corporation Faction









    Corporation Lore

    The corporation faction type covers everything from simple construction all the way to private military companies(PMC for short). These groups have come together for one reason and one reason alone, to make profits. This could mean making money, hording tons of resources, or even claiming the rights to more trade routes than other. They base every decision on how much they can make, the same could be said for who they do business with. Aside from the PMC's most corporations do not engage in open warfare with anyone they meet unless things get too heated over who owns what trade route. If you ever need a specific task done, look around I'm sure there's a corporation capable of helping out.

    Good luck spacer.

    Corporate Guiding Principles

    1. Mass resources and sell them, ships and stations.
    2. Facilitate trade and fuel the economy.
    3. Cannot engage in pvp unless protecting themselves or unless the corporation formally declares war via discord.
    4. Can call upon protectorate for support if attacked.
    5. Contracts must be issued ether in game through the economy terminals or over the discord as proof of acceptance and completion.