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Pirate Lore

The Pirates were born from the civil unrest of the core worlds. Tired of stifling rules of normal civilization, these individuals banded together and raided numerous space stations to escape. They took ships, food, building supplies, and of course all the money they could find while killing anyone that got in their way, that is until the protectorate arrived. Most managed to escape, and hid deep within the outer rim forming new clans of pirates and rebuilding their lives. For a few years after the initial incidents the pirates were quite and unheard from until they suddenly returned. They raided mining ships, colonies, corporate transports, and even protectorate ships if they had enough numbers and while these people will do anything to get what they want they are still human. It is almost unheard of to be able to trade with any of the pirate clans however its not impossible, few have tried and even fewer have succeeded.

Pirates Guiding Principles

  1. Kill or be killed. Pirates can attack anyone and be attacked by anyone.
  2. Pirates don’t trade with other players because nobody trusts their double-crossing ways.
  3. There is no PVP restrictions for Pirates.

Note: You're not required to fight pirates and pirates are not forced to shoot everything in site, you are humans who have free will, do what you wish, if you're a trader who doesn't really care who buys your goods, then trading with pirates is more than fine and encouraged, carve your own path.