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Jump Gate Locations

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How To Use Jump Gates

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Celestial Body Type Size Gravity Oxygen Orbits
Ingora Gas Giant 1000km 42g None
Que Moon 36km 0.32g None Ingora
Olu Moon 24km 0.28g Low Ingora
Tus Moon 21km 0.19g None Ingora
Caez Moon 28km 0.24g None Ingora
Lei Moon 23km 0.21g None Ingora
Mars Planet 120km 0.9g None
Phobos Moon 29km 0.23g None Mars
Khelek Ice Planet 120km 0.5g Low
Yahvic Planet 120km 1.15g Low
Earth Planet 120km 1.0g High
Moon Moon 29km 0.32g None Earth