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- Space Engineers


Solar System Data

The Sol System is a solar system comprised of the following planets and moon.


Celestial Body Type Size Gravity Oxygen Orbits
Avarga Gas Giant 1000km 42g None
Sar Moon 30km 0.50g None Avarga
Bek Moon 25km 0.10g None Avarga
Dund Moon 28km 0.30g None Avarga
Tomor Moon 29km 0.35g None Avarga
Demus Planet 120km 3.00g None Avarga
The Belt Asteroid Belt ??? ??? None Avarga
Aecor Planet 60km 1.00g High
Planet 26 Planet 120km 1.00g High
Galados V Planet 120km 1.00g High
Object 85 Moon 30Km 0.30g None Planet 26
Object 84 Moon 30km 0.32g None Galados V


Trade Station

Tycho Trade station is located ???


Jump Gate

The Andromeda System is equipped with 1 jump gate. This jump gate will allow instant travel to any High Security or Null Security Jump Gates. A Worm Hole Drive is required to use the Jump Gate. Please see "How to Use Jump Gates" for a guide on the jump gate system.